M-Audio Microtrack 10dB Mic Pad Attenuator

M-Audio Microtrack 10dB Mic Pad Attenuator
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M-Audio Microtrack 10dB Mic Pad Attenuator

Microtrack Attenuator

The MicroTrack 10dB Pad is a specially designed attenuator for the 1/8 inch microphone input on the MicroTrack 24/96 or any device with similar output impedance and phantom power characteristics.

It reduces the output of a connected electret condenser microphone by approximately 10dB, which protects the input stage of the MicroTrack 24/96 from becoming overloaded and distorting when recording high-SPL sources. The in-line pad attenuates the audio signal from the mic while passing unaltered the 5V supply needed to power the internal preamp of electret condenser microphones.

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