Novation Bass Station 2

Novation Bass Station 2


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Novation Bass Station 2

Novation is proud to announce the launch of Bass Station II – a powerful analogue synth that’s made for bass but equally well adapted to leads. Based on the classic Novation BassStation from 20 years ago, Bass Station II has been completely re-worked for the 21st century, with two filters, three oscillators, patch save and a fully-analogue effects section. Plus there’s a step sequencer, arpeggiator, a two octave (25-note) velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-sized keys and a powerful modulation section. There’s even MIDI I/O and USB connectivity.

Novation Bass Station 2 Additional Overview:

  • Two Oscillators plus an additional Sub Oscillator: Bass Station II has two sync-able, tune-able oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator for generating enormous bass sounds
  • Analogue effects sAnalogue synth: brand new version of the classic BassStation. Bass Station II has a pure analogue audio signal path, reviving the spirit of the original BassStation with an all-new design optimised for bass
  • Two distinct analogue filters: In addition to the original ‘Classic’ BassStation filter, there’s a brand new ‘Acid’ diode ladder filter for squelchy 303-esque bass sounds
  • Load and save patches: 64 factory patches on-board with room for 64 more of your own. Save more to your computer via USB


  • Bass Station II - Twenty years ago, Novation released the groundbreaking BassStation: a compact, analogue synth designed for fat bass sounds and bubbly leads. The original BassStation became a classic; now we present the new Bass Station II: an analogue monophonic synth but with a total re-design that brings it firmly into the 21st century, bigger and bolder than ever. It’s more than a bass synth; it’s versatile enough to kick out sharp leads and crisp arpeggios.
  • Bass Station II’s signal path is all analogue, including the effects section. It is based on three analogue oscillators (two independent oscillators plus a sub for rich bass sounds) and a noise generator; two discrete filters, Classic and Acid, with built-in overdrive; Distortion and Osc Filter Mod effects; two ADSR envelopes, two LFOs, and an Arpeggiator and programmable Step Sequencer. And that’s just scratching the surface of the synth engine. Bass Station II’s traditional control layout breaks everything into modules with dedicated pots, switches and sliders. Unlike a traditional analogue synth, there’s plenty of storage for your own sounds – there are 64 factory presets plus 64 more slots for your own sounds in the hardware – and you can store more on your computer.
  • About Bass Station II’s Design - The original BassStation was released in 1993, but its heritage goes back a lot further: to the 1970s, thought of by many as the golden era of synthesis. Synth designer Chris Huggett has remained a constant design force for Novation over the years. Huggett has decades of experience in hardware synth design, having pioneered the development of digitally controlled analogue synths including the OSCar. He also designed such classics as the Wasp, released by Electronic Dream Plant in 1978 – and there is a direct line of descent from the Wasp filter to the awesome ‘Classic’ filter in Bass Station II.
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