Randall RM50C MTS Series Combo (Black)

Randall RM50C MTS Series Combo (Black)
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Randall RM50C MTS Series Combo (Black)

The smaller and ultra portable RM50 and RM20 combos provide the flexibility to have any combination of vintage to modern tube tones by simply plugging in your choice of MTS preamp modules.

The larger 50W, 6L6 powered RM50 with Accutronics Spring reverb is perfect for the active weekend musician needing a portable combo with enough power & more tonal flexibility than any other 1 x 12 combo on the market.

Randall RM50C (Black) Features:

  • Preamp Channels: 2 Modular Channels, loaded with Blackface & Plexi Preamps
  • Master Controls: Volume, Presence, Density
  • Power Amp: All Tube, (2 X) JJ6L6GC
  • Power Output: 50 Watts
  • Speaker: (1 X) 12" Celestion G12T-75
  • Other Features:
    • Spring Reverb
    • Series EFX Loop
    • Parallel EFX Loop
    • Front Panel EFX Loop Mix Controls
    • Rear Panel Tube Bias Section
    • World Voltage Selector
    • RF1 Footswitch
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