Randall RM20 MTS Series Combo (Black)

Randall RM20 MTS Series Combo (Black)
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Randall RM20 MTS Series Combo (Black)

Continuing to build on the success of the highly flexible MTS Tube Series, Randall introduces the RM20 modular tube combo. Built specifically for the professional gigging and recording musician, this EL84 powered combo performs equally well on stage or in the studio.

Featuring a single modular channel with a footswitchable tube boost, the RM20 can take a lower to mid-gain module from pristine clean to sustaining lead tone at the click of a switch by simply activating the included tube boost function.

Use the tube boost gain control to add a desired amount of additional saturation then adjust the boost level control for the desired boost volume. For all modules, especially the higher gain tones, the tube boost function can be used as a volume boost without adding additional saturation by simply rolling out the boost gain and adjusting the amount of boost volume.

Randall RM20 Features:

  • Preamp slot handles one of 18 available Randall all-tube plug-in preamps
  • 15W from Ruby EL84s
  • 12" Celestion Greenback speaker
  • Master density and presence controls
  • Footswitchable tube boost function
  • Boost gain and level controls
  • Standby switch
  • Series effects loop
  • XLR mic eliminator direct out
  • 8/16 ohm extension speaker output
  • Slave output
  • Rear panel tube bias test points
  • World voltage AC input selector
  • 20"W x 22"H x 13"D
  • 35 lbs.
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