Randall V2 Valve Dynamic Series Head

Randall V2 Valve Dynamic Series Head
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Randall V2 Valve Dynamic Series Head

Classic Randall hi-gain with MIDI programmability. Developed for the guitarist who likes multiple tone shaping options, the highly complex V2 can basically produce any tone you want utilizing a full tube preamp, as well as a classic Randall solid-state preamp. Holding true to our hi-gain roots, we've pushed the boundaries of modern design which has resulted in this highly advanced new take on hybrid guitar amplification.

A revolutionary new Tube driven Mosfet power section called Valve-Dynamic powers the V2 with so much reaction and feel that you would swear it was full set of power tubes driving the amp. This 12AT7 driven power circuit not only has the feel, but also an accurate frequency response found only in a full tube power section.

Randall V2 Head Features:

  • Preamp Channels:
    • 3 MIDI Programmable Channels
    • Ch. 1: Classic Solid State Clean
    • Ch. 2: Classic Solid State Overdrive
    • Ch. 3: Modern Tube Overdrive
  • (3X) ECC83S Tubes
  • EQ Controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Sustain Boost, Attack Switch
  • Master Controls: Volume, Presence, Density
  • Power Amp: "Valve Dynamic™" Tube/Mosfet, Single Tube - 12AT7
  • Power Output:
    • 480 Watts @ 2 Ω
    • 400 Watts @ 4 Ω
    • 280 Watts @ 8 Ω
  • Other Features:
    • Midi In/Thru
    • Assignable 6 Band Graphic EQ
    • Assignable Series/Parallel EFX Loop
    • Slave Output with Level
    • “Mic Eliminator” XLR Output
    • World Voltage Selector
    • RF5V2 MIDI Footswitch
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