SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor

SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor
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SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor

The XLogic Multichannel Compressor unit is a 2U rack-mounting six-channel compressor. It utilises classic SSL centre compressor design elements within a SuperAnalogue design topology. This brings the dual benefits of spectacular surround audio performance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic.

# To cope with the more complex challenge of 5.1 compression, the unit features several unique and powerful features:

Separate 5-channel and LFE channel compression controls allowing separate treatment of LFE signals that typically require different attack and release characteristics

Circular 'Max' display shows which channel is contributing the most to the side chain giving a clear, instantaneous indication of which channel is driving the compressor

Extensive Control Options

Separate Trim controls for L, C, R & S channels provide different thresholds for each input

Dual Stereo enables either different compression to be applied to the surround channels, or for the unit to be used as separate four channel and stereo compressors.

XLogic Multichannel Compressor Features:

  • Universally acclaimed XL 9000 K series center section design elements
  • Multipurpose 5.1 Surround or dual stereo operation
  • ‘Side chain sum’ switching between ‘dominant’ signal and ‘true’ sum
  • Trim controls allow different thresholds for each input
  • Circular ‘MAX’ display for monitoring dynamics side chain contribution
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