Steinberg Key USB eLicenser

Steinberg Key USB eLicenser
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Steinberg Key USB eLicenser

The USB-eLicenser (formerly "Steinberg Key") is a copy protection unit (sometimes called "dongle") which is needed to use Steinberg's software range. With the host applications Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab, the USB-eLicenser is already included in the product package. The USB-eLicenser is also required to run Steinberg VST instruments, but is not included in the product boxes and must be purchased separately if no USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key is already present on the system.

The USB-eLicenser is actually a tiny computer which stores licenses for Steinberg products, and is connected to a USB port on your computer. All current Steinberg products that use a copy protection device use exactly the same system. The Steinberg copy protection system allows the storage of several licenses on the same USB-eLicenser. Licenses can also be transferred between USB-eLicensers with certain limitations. This can be very useful, for example in the unlikely event of a Steinberg customer wishing to sell a product.

USB-eLicenser is included with the following products*:

  • Cubase 6 / 6.5
  • Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5
  • Nuendo 5
  • WaveLab 7
  • *This applies only for the full version of the product, as updates do not contain a Steinberg Key (USB-eLicenser).

USB-eLicenser is not included with the following products:

  • HALion 4
  • HALion Sonic
  • HALion Symphonic Orchestra
  • The Grand 3
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