New NAMM 2018 Alesis Releases!

New NAMM 2018 Alesis Releases!

Vortex, Surge & More…

Alesis are pleased to announce 3 new products set for release at NAMM 2018 including the Vortex Wireless 2, the Surge Mesh Kit and the Command Mesh Kit. Let’s jump in and check out these awesome new products!

Alesis Vortex Wireless 2

Wireless USB/MIDI Keytar Controller offers updated controls for better playability, comprehensive MIDI controller functionality and premium virtual instrument software in stylish, stage-ready design.

Introducing Vortex Wireless 2, a next-generation USB/MIDI Keytar Controller with a greatly enhanced control layout for superior playability. This dynamic MIDI Keytar Controller connects wirelessly to any computer and easily integrates with popular virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs. For maximum stage and studio mobility, the PC- and Mac-compatible USB dongle uses a single USB port to establish a reliable, wireless connection, enabling users to create dynamic performances that will impress any audience.

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

The Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer needs to play like a pro. It features a 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh tom pads for great feel and natural response, plus an 8” mesh kick tower pad with pedal.

Three cymbals provide a virtually unlimited range of playing expression: a ride cymbal, crash cymbal with choke function and hi-hat. Not only do the mesh heads deliver unmatched response and playability, the compact size means the Surge Kit goes where larger kits can’t. The chrome 4-post mounting rack keeps everything solid and secure so drummers can really play hard and the set won’t “travel” or lose its positioning. The setup also includes the powerful Surge Drum Module that features 40 drum kits with over 385 sounds and 60 play-along tracks and a built-in metronome. Hi-hat/kick pedals, sticks and cables are also included.

Alesis Command Mesh Kit

This 8-piece electronic drum kit steps up from the already excellent playing response of the Surge Mesh Kit with professional features and greatly enhanced creative capabilities. Upgrades over the Surge Mesh Kit include;

  • Professional Command Drum Module, which boasts 70 kits and more than 600 sounds
  • The ability to load your own samples with a USB thumb drive to build custom kits or load play-along tracks
  • USB thumb drive port for saving custom kits and recordings of your own playing
  • Locking 4-post chrome rack so it will never twist or bend
  • Adjustable ride and crash cymbal boom arms for enhanced placement flexibility

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