New NAMM 2018 Orange Amplification Releases!

Orange Rocker 15 Terror, PPC221V & Brent Hinds Terror!

Orange Amplification is proud to introduce the Rocker 15 Terror, the head only version of the
enormously popular Rocker 15 Combo. The Rocker 15 Terror is the result of an impeccable blend of technology and styling from the Rocker 15 Combo and the Terror range of amps. Designed to be versatile, with a straightforward, player friendly layout, the new Rocker 15 is an amplifier comfortable on the stage, in the studio or in the bedroom.

Orange Rocker 15 Terror

With the Rocker 15 set wide open, smaller venues are comfortably taken care. The Rocker 15 has a
remarkably potent delivery which takes full advantage of its EL84 output section. Even when scaling
back the power, the amp’s tone stays fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation
without disturbing the neighbours. Ade Emsley, Orange Amps Technical Director, explains ‘players were asking Orange to bring back the Rocker 30, so we took the Rocker 15 combo, added a tube FX loop to the original front end and made a smaller version.’

When they were launched last year, Guitarist Magazine called the Rocker 15 and 32 ‘deceptively
versatile combos, among the best Orange has ever released’. Whilst The Guitar Magazine described
their sound as ‘the natural channel is a joy, with plenty of chime and harmonics complexity and a
raw, moreish overdrive as you crank the amp. Switch over to the dirty channel and you get rock tone
that carves out space in the mix.’

Orange PPC212V

Orange Amplification has been at the forefront of cabinet design for the past 50 years, with the
PPC412 becoming an industry standard. Designed to provide the “Orange Sound” in a lightweight, portable cabinet, the new PPC212V is Orange’s first vertical cabinet. Using 50 years of experience in cabinet design, the PPC212V combines 15mm Birch Plywood and an open back design to reduce weight, without compromising on tone or durability. The new cabinet uses Celestion Neo Creamback speakers providing a clear and defined sound.

Finished in Orange’s legendary livery the PPC212V is the ideal companion to the Orange Terror
range, providing performers with the perfect sounding cabinet whilst having the benefit of a smaller
stage footprint. The cab is significantly lighter than the PPC212 and capable of handling up to 120
Watts of power.

Orange Brent Hinds Terror

Orange Amplification is delighted to present the Brent Hinds Terror, designed in collaboration with
the guitarist and vocalist of the multi-award-winning band Mastodon. The latest Terror amp has its
own distinctive voice and character, features styling based on the tribal imagery of Brent’s facial
tattoo and is completed by his signature.

The new Brent Hinds Terror features two channels and a new gain structure that give the latest
Terror amp a completely individual nature and personality. The single-control natural channel has
been redesigned to have more bottom-end yet retaining the finely balanced and highly playable
character of the Terror series. The sensitivity of the new gain structure is far higher compared to
previous Terrors, brightening up sound at lower levels and fattening it up the more it is dialled in.

The power switching options of the Brent Hinds Terror offers 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts, making it perfect
for bedroom, studio and stage. For the best possible tone and durability, the new amp uses the
same beefy transformers as the rest of the Terror family to take advantage of the EL84 output. This
gives players warm valve compression and saturation at neighbour friendly levels.

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