Ableton Releases Ableton Live 10!

Ableton release Ableton Live 10.

No longer the new kids on the block Ableton now see in version 10 of their game-changing  Ableton LIVE series of software. They are kind of a dream machine Ableton. Effectively producing a single product in two perfectly concerted halves (Live and their excellent Push controller) with a simple lineup (Intro, Live, and Suite) their range of product is clear and easy to digest. Something that cannot be said about certain, more established (entrenched if you will) software manufacturers. A real breath of fresh air.

Ableton Releases Ableton Live 10

The impact that the Ableton Live software system had on the way electronic musicians approached music production, and the impact it had on the DJ/Producer crowd created an entire MI sub-industry. With the likes of Novations ‘Launch’ range and Akai’s APC lines and even spawned entire companies in the likes of Livid Instruments plus much more smaller ’boutique’ brands. Moreover, it changed the way we saw and approached ‘live’ and ‘DJ’ sets knocking down walls wherever it went.

The team they have assembled at their HQ in Berlin is truly passionate, innovative and perhaps most importantly, open in mind and spirit. This is demonstrated in ABLETON LIVE 10. Some of the ideas and technology they have brought to the table for many changed the way they could and would work forever. I for one see their Link technology as potentially one of the most significant steps forward in inclusive cross-platform music production since the birth of MIDI itself. Yes, it seems after a decade or more of the phrase ‘Laptop Jam’ being bandied around Ableton has quietly made that an actual reality. But in their ever generous and progressive way, have not ring-fenced this technology. They are making it available to everyone. I cannot wait for Link enabled hardware that I am sure is somewhere on the not too distant horizon to compliment the many vanguard apps that are employing the Link tech already.

I will not go into specific details of the nuts and bolts changes and progressions made in Ableton Live 10,  but suffice to say there will be something for everyone in its improvements both sweeping and subtle. Plus of course, Ableton Live 10 and Ableton Suite 10 will include oodles of lovely new innovative, high-quality content for us to play with.

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