Is This The only Drum Module you’ll Ever Need?!

The ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module is set to revolutionise the way Electronic Drum Kits are played. Extremely responsive, the AD-5 module will react to the nuances of your playing to give an ultra realistic experience via the “Artware” technology.

Designed to work with almost any Drum Trigger Pads the ATV aD5 will upgrade your current set up into a new Electronic Kit that you will want to play all day every day!

The aD5 reproduces the purest of sounds, non-compressed, exactly as a player needs. Designed to suit everyone, from the fastest of drummers to first-day beginners, aD5 brings unparalleled precision and quality to your performance.



The true nature of the musical instrument is what inspires the player to new heights.

The aD5 faithfully re-creates the skill and intent of the player. It deeply and fully renders new instrumental inspiration with each shot from the player’s hands.
From the gentle soft tones of pianissimo to the intense emotional tones of fortissimo, it meticulously and dynamically reproduces drums sounds just as if you were actually on the spot where it all happens.


It’s something irreplaceable – you will feel it every time you play.

To make your performance a satisfying experience, sounds are reproduced with the latest in sensing technology along with high speed response and “Pure Audio” output quality.
Technology is constantly updated, providing improved sound source tech and additional intriguing and enchanting sounds. All designed so the aD5 completely wins you over!



An outer design you never tire of along with refined beauty!

Just looking at a fine musical instrument makes you want to play it, right? The aD5 was designed as an instrument to create the sound quality you want, to win your excitement, and to make you total fan! We achieved a fine looking outer appearance via a simple shape that eliminates excess decorations that interfere with play and also by fusing made-in-Japan precision together with a fine instrument feel.



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