Let’s Create Your Apollo Multi-Unit Setup

Let’s Create Your Apollo Multi-Unit Setup

Since their introduction last year, the next-generation of Apollo interfaces have been used to track hit records by the Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, and more.

In this video, watch producer/engineer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson) install a multi-unit Apollo system and show you how to easily set it up with your DAW and record with UAD plug-ins in Console 2.0. Featuring the band DEDE.

Benefits of Multi-Unit Systems

  • Mix and Match Thunderbolt-Equipped Apollo and UAD-2 Satellite units
  • Combine up to 4 Apollos and 2 Satellite Thunderbolt or up to 6 UAD-2 devices per-system  (daisy chaining via Thunderbolt)
  • Multiple devices appear as a single aggregate device in Core Audio and DAW applications
  • All Audio/Clock/Control is bussed over Thunderbolt
  • Up to 7 stereo mix buses (1 Monitor bus, 2 AUX busses, 4 CUE/Headphone Buses)
  • Busses are routed everywhere (CUES, Headphones, and Monitor are available to all I/Os)
  • UI to show device order and monitor master

Expanded Systems Examples

  • Up to 64 Analog I/O
  • Up to 32 Mic Preamps with Unison Technology (
  • Up to 32 ADAT I/O (
  • Up to 32 Virtual I/O Channels
  • Up to 8 Headphone outputs
  • Up to 8 Channels of AES/EBU
  • Up to 8 Channels of S/PDIF (4X Apollo DUO/QUAD)
  • Up to 156 simultaneous I/O over Thunderbolt/PCIe (4X Apollo 16)
    Pro Tools still limited to 32 simultaneous I/O but users can use Flex Driver to choose which I/O is sent (making 2-3 unit Apollo systems viable)

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