Ashdown Just Made Your Next Amp

Ashdown have been a major brand for professional and pub bass players alike for over the last 20 years. Their Mag range was affordable and loaded with enough features for it to sit comfortably as the go-to amp for entry level players, and its reliability saw it become the venue backline of choice the world over.

The ABM series has sat proudly on arena stages backing up the likes of Paul McCartney, The Foo Fighters, Paramore, Biffy Clyro – and thousands of others for as long as a lot of us have been playing.

But throughout all of that time Ashdown have been an unashamedly heavy weight rock n’ roll bass amplifier. They’re the sort of brand that keep roadies employed. Needless to say, it was a surprise for the bass playing community when Ashdown decided to take on the lightweight, portable, compact area of the market. Usually dominated by more ‘tech’ style brands like TC Electronics and Mark Bass.

Ashdown’s offering came in the form of the Rootmaster, now on it’s second evolution, the Rootmaster range just got a LOT lighter, 30% lighter to be precise. Making it one of the lightest series of bass amplifiers out there. Their 500w 2×10 and 1×15 combos now come in at an almost laughable 17kg, 15kg for the cabinets! Is this witchcraft?


With this incredible upgrade to the series Ashdown are now covering all corners of the market. The Rootmaster series even offers a comprehensive range of options, so there is something there for every player in every situation.

Featuring 2 sizes of heads; 500w and 800w, including a handy vinyl carry bag, and a range of cabinets that offer everything from a 300w handling single 12″ option, right up to a stage worthy 6×10, and everything in between.

Throughout all of this the series has maintained its affordability, making the Rootmaster range the absolute answer to bass players on a budget, bass players who need lightweight amplification, bass players who need compact portable amplification, bass players who need massive power ratings and loads of headroom, and bass players who want a reliable, tour ready amplification that they can trust.


As if the Rootmaster range wasn’t already ticking an awful lot of boxes, the entire series now comes with a 5 year warranty from Ashdown, so they believe in the product as much as you will.

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