NAMM NEWS 2017: Aston Starlight & Aston Halo Shadow

Aston have announced the release of two brand new products for Namm 2017. The Aston Starlight Condenser Microphone and the Halo Shadow Reflection Filter.

Aston Starlight Condenser Microphone

aston starlight

First up is the Aston Starlight, Designed and manufactured in the UK, Aston have described the microphone as the “first ever laser targeting pencil,” allowing for easy recall of mic positioning in the studio. The microphone utilizes Aston’s unique variable voice switching to allow for truly specific sound contouring. What’s truly unique about the mic is that is features a cardioid capsule hand-picked by a panel of more than 50 top producers.

Constructed from Aston’s famous 100% tumbled stainless steel chassis, a sintered head and an almost indestructible build quality.

Aston Halo Shadow Reflection Filter

aston starlight

The second product is the reflection filter described by Aston as “the best reflection filter that money can buy.” It comes in an elegant black finish, a stark difference from the original purple Halo. The Halo is constructed from a patented PET felt, one of the most lightweight and efficient, technical acoustic products available today.