NAMM NEWS 2017: The Best Of Winter NAMM 2017

So after the hustle and bustle of new gear, releases and some seriously cool tech being shown to the world, we have explored the enormous halls of Winter NAMM 2017, the greatest music instrument show on the planet, to bring you the best new instruments the world has to offer.

In this post, you’ll find the products that we have selected based on innovation, quality, social media hype and just down right awesomeness! So here are our top picks and best gear of Winter NAMM 2017.

Electric Guitar

Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEM777 30th Anniversary, Loch Ness Green


The legend is back! The Ibanez JEM777 is the first JEM series of Steve Vai’s signature model. The 1987 Chicago NAMM Show marked the introduction of the Steve Vai-designed JEM guitars and constituted a major turning point in the fortunes of Ibanez and the development of the electric guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

Taylor A10e

This Dreadnought distills the essential features of a great acoustic guitar into a budget-friendly form. Our Academy Series was designed with developing players in mind, so the goal was to create as comfortable a playing experience as possible.


PRS J-MOD 100 John Mayer Signature Amp

Although the amp doesn’t include a reverb, there is an effects loop allowing users to add their own studio reverb of choice. Speaking of the tone stack, Mayer said it provides a “beautiful, spread out tone” providing a crystal clear sound from the offset. The amps gain stage provides rich harmonics and also packs a powerful punch if you’re really going for it.


Voodoo Labs Dingbat Pedalboard


Not only have they released a brilliant line of boards in various sizes, they’ve also released them as sets. You can buy your board fitted with a variety of Voodoo Labs power supplies that the boards themselves are specifically designed to work in conjunction with.


Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer

If you’re a true synth nut, you will be aware of Dave Smith and his legendary synthesizers. The AS-1 uses his true analog synthesis engine, taken straight from the Prophet-6 synth to give you a truly classic analog sound.

Samplers/Drum Machines

Teenage Engineering PO-32

Featuring a wide range of sonic capabilities, a fresh selection of new punch-in fx, a built-in microphone and also the ability to allow users of the standard desktop version of microtonic to shape sounds, generate new patches and pattern data, and transfer this wirelessly to the PO-32 tonic.


Colour Sound 900 – New Dimensions for Visual Expression


Extensive research and design efforts have resulted in the most stunningly beautiful finishes: luminous translucent colours preserve the natural appearance of grooves and hammer marks and present a vibrantly radiant appearance. Notably, decades of experience have proven the Color Sound finish to be exceedingly tough and durable – the finish will not ever crack, chip or peel.