BOSS Launch Community for Loopers

Taking a significant step towards uniting the ever growing community of Loop Station users, BOSS have introduced their own online sharing platform that allows BOSS users to share, interact and crucially get some great exposure for what is a fantastic talent, fast becoming a mainstream tool for every singer/songwriter.


#BOSSLoop gives artists the chance to have their music shared through Boss’ own substantial social channels, as well as giving Loop users the chance to check out other artists and develop their own skills.

“There is no limit to the inspiration and expressiveness of loop performers.
Celebrate your music with #bossloop and experience your own musical BREAKTHROUGH.
#bossloop is a free place to share loop performances with the world.
Show your performances, interact with each other, and enjoy the world of looping!”

Artists like KT Tunstall and Ed Sheeran brought the use of a looper to popularity over the last few years by marrying the ability to loop both vocals and an acoustic guitar, often utilising less conventional playing styles to introduce a percussive element, them and artists like them have shown a generation of young players just how little equipment you need to make a truly unique sound and style.


Boss are now at the heart of developing that further; their market leading loopers ranging from the simple and affordable RC-1 to the professional quality RC-300 partnered with their community ethic are set to propel the looping community to grand new heights.

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