NAMM NEWS 2017: Dunlop & MXR New Pedals Released

With NAMM now on the horizon Dunlop have decided to treat us with the announcement of not one, not two but thirteen new pedals.


First up we have the bright red MXR Dyna Mini Compressor, a half sized version of the MXR Dyna compresson pedal. Its rare CA3080 IC enables increased dynamic range and the all new attack switches lets you toggle through slow and fast attack times.


The new MXR Six Band EQ pedal allows you to cut or boost six frequencies by up to 18dB to truly customise your sound. The bright LED’s on the unit have been boosted so that your not struggling to see them in direct sunlight. With upgraded noise-reduction circuitry and true bypass switching, you’ll get a crystal clear sound. The MXR Ten Band EQ pedal is very similar to the Six Band EQ, however you can cut/boost different signals by up to 12dB and there are also two outputs for running two separate signal chains.



Designed in collaboration with Italian pedal designer Carlo Sorasio, the MXR Il Diavolo Overdrive features a hot-rodded classic circuit for enhanced midrange and low end frequencies. Toggling between the symmetrical and asymmetrical overdrive allows you to colour the sound to your acquired taste.


The bright yellow MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz pedal combines two switchable fuzz tones and a deep sub octave signal. Also on the pedal you’ll find bass and treble controls as well as a dry and Mid level control.


Dunlop have added five new pedals to their Jimi Hendrix range. These include; the Fuzz Face which utilises Jimi’s classic Fuzz tone, the Univibe which provides rich chorus and vibrato modulation, the Octavio Fuzz which provides you with Jimi’s famous octave up fuzz sound, the Gypsy Fuzz for the rare fuzz heard on many Hendrix live performances and the Cry Baby Mini Wah which provides Hendrix’s iconic Wah sound. All of the pedals (minus the Cry Baby) feature art from legendary rock artist Gered Mankowitz.

One of the most famous pedals on the market, the Cry Baby Wah is back in a 24 carat gold 50th anniversary limited edition version. The pedal comes with all the features of the standard Cry Baby pedal and also comes in a special presentation box.


The Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion is an aggressive gated fuzz pedal with a simple control interface. Set the volume, tone and fuzz control to fully control your sound.