Limited Edition Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb “Black & Blue”

 Limited Edition Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb “Black & Blue”

Fender have created here not only another reissue with a different look (Lacquered Black Tweed, Black face plate) it is a ‘reissue’ with mods, which makes it not a reissue at all, and Fender don’t class it as such. The amps of the ‘68 Custom range all feature as standard some of the key modifications that amp techs and tech–savvy players have been making to Fender amps over the decades to make them better at roles other than classic ‘Fender clean’.




This Silverface in Blackface clothing has an uprated speaker, reduced negative feedback and a small tweak to its tone–stack values, perfect for smaller gigs and recording.


The tone circuitry of most mid– to late-’60s Fender amps has an inherent mid–range dip, which is ideal for the classic Fender-clean sound, but small tweaks to the circuit values here can keep more of the mid–range without losing the character. The ‘68 Custom Princeton Reverb gets it just right — there is more mid–range, but not so much that you lose the essential Fender character.




It is a similar tale with the speaker — the Jensens and Oxfords that are renowned for ‘chimey’, sweet Fender clean at lower levels tend to sound ‘flubby’ in the bass and harsh at the top when hit with a loud, distorted signal. The Celestion Alnico Blue, perfect from bedroom level to small gig territory.