Fender American Professional II Series

Fender The One. For All. The American Professional II

The Fender American Professional II series follows up on the American Professional Series released a few years ago, with the most recently evolved versions of classic Fender guitars. The new range includes Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster electric guitars as well as Jazz and Precision bass guitars, some of which are available in left handed versions too.

The upgrades for this range include newly sculpted neck heels, making it easier to reach the upper register on the fretboard, and rolled fingerboard edges for improved playability. Each guitar has a redesigned bridge as well as new single coil pickups to give increased articulation. These refreshed guitars thrive in any environment, whether that’s on stage, recording, or just playing in your bedroom.

Fender have refined every painstaking detail of the original V-Mod II to create some of the best Fender pickups we’ve ever heard. There are more switching options, including push-push pots for coil splitting, pickup selections and parallel/series options (model dependant).

Roasted Pine is now an added body type option in the series, upgrading from Ash. This is Fender‘s response to the decreasing supplies of ash in the US, opting for more sustainable alternatives. Fender has used pine since the early 50’s, and we love the punchy, yet complex sound this lightweight tone wood gives, as well as the aesthetic qualities of it’s well-defined grain pattern.

Let’s look at the range:

Strat banner

The classic Fender Stratocaster is one of the most recognisable guitars in the world and has been key to the sound of many guitar legends. It combines versatility with familiarity and is a favourite among beginners and professionals alike.

The V-Mod II Stratocaster single-coil pickups retain the warmth and bell-like chime beloved by guitarists, and playability improvements come from the redesigned bridge and 2-point tremolo, as well as the newly sculpted neck heel and rolled fingerboard edges. Also available as Left Handed.

Tele banner

The Fender Telecaster is one of the most popular instruments in the world, even 70 years after its release. This classic has now been combined with modern upgrades, but still keeping the snarl and snap sound we have come to love.

The playability has improved with the Deep “C” neck which has smooth rolled fingerboard edges, as well as a newly sculpted neck heel giving you access to the upper register of the fretboard, topped off with a “Super-Natural” satin finish.

Other upgrades include added articulation on the the V-Mod II Telecaster single-coil pickups, and the new bridge can be strung as a top-loader or through-body (or even combinations of both) while the new brass ‘bullet’ saddles give improved intonation, a classic tone, and flexible setup capabilities. Also available as Left Handed.

Jmaster banner

The Fender Jazzmaster draws from more than sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the demands of today’s players. Starting as a favourite for surf-rock guitarists in the 60’s, it became an indie classic, and this latest version allows the player to switch between a vintage sound and a more powerful, throaty tone from adding a tap function for the bridge pickup. Also available as Left Handed.

The upgrades also include the brand new Panorama Tremolo system, letting you get the classic Fender Jazzmaster warble right through to Stratocaster style dives.

Strathss banner 1

The Fender Stratocaster is an iconic guitar, which combines reliability, playability, and versatility, and has been a firm favourite among guitarists from all genres since it was first released in 1954.

The upgrades include a redesigned neck heel, new bridge and rolled fingerboard edges, giving you better playability, and the V-Mod II single-coil pickups in the neck and middle positions give the bell-like chime and warmth you want, along with the brand new DoubleTap humbucker in the bridge position, which provides rich, punchy humbucker tones.

Teledeluxe banner 1

The Fender American Professional II Telecaster Deluxe combines versatility, playability with the classic Tele look. The upgrades include added articulation to the The V-Mod II DoubleTap™ pickups, with the option for punchy, full, humbucking tones or stunning, single-coil split sounds like classic Telecasters.

There’s improved intonation on the classic tone with the new “cut” 3-saddle bridge which can be strung through-body or as a top-loader (or even combinations of both) giving you flexible setup options. A sleek and stylish classic.

Jazzbass banner 2

The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass draws on more than 60 years of inspiration and innovation. This 4 string version of the iconic Jazz Bass design combines the newly developed V-Mod II Jazz Bass single coil pickups with the classic Jazz Bass body, giving you the clarity and punch you come to expect from a Fender Jazz Bass, with important yet subtle upgrades that meet the demands of the modern player. Also available as Left Handed.

Pbass banner 1

The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass is the 4-string version of this latest update of Fender’s iconic Precision Bass. The playability, punch, and growl we know it for are not compromised in this latest version. For the upgrades, there’s the freshly designed V-Mod II Precision Bass split-coil pickup bringing improved articulation, and the ‘Super-Natural’ satin finish on the neck and the newly-sculpted neck heel means improved playability.

Pbassvbanner 1

The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass V is the 5-string version of the classic Precision Bass V. It keeps the playability, punch, and growl we have come to love, with upgrades which include the freshly designed V-Mod II Precision Bass split-coil pickup with improved articulation, the ‘Super-Natural’ satin finish on the neck and the newly-sculpted neck heel, giving improved playability. A fresh update on one of the most iconic bass designs in the world.

Fender American Professional II Precision Bas V series

New Dark Night | New Miami Blue | New Mercury | New Natural Roasted Pine | Olympic White | 3 Tone Sunburst | Black | Butterscotch Blonde | Sienna Sunburst, Roasted Pine Body | Mystic Surf Green

Available in Maple and Rosewood Fretboard Options

Your Chance To Win!

Any Customer that purchases a NEW Fender American Professional II Series Guitar/Bass, before and including 13th November 2020, will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win their choice of any Fender Effects Pedal (stock permitting).

Purchase any new American Professional II series Guitar or Bass and be in with a chance to win a free Fender effects pedal

5 lucky customers will be drawn at random, and contacted after the 14th November 2020, to redeem their desired Fender Effects Pedal. Please note, this cannot be despatched with the guitar, as the purchase will need to have already been completed to enter. GAK will contact the winners directly to find out which Fender Effects Pedal they would like to redeem and arrange delivery thereafter.