The Dark Side of Fender

Fender have announced their all new Bassbreaker series! A nine-piece electric guitar amplifier series. Full of endless grit, growl and Fender DNA with a twist.


The entire range features an older version of the Fender logo, last used on the Pro series of bass amplifiers in the early 2000’s, and a snazzy grey material finish that screams both elegance and functionality!

Ranging from 7w right up 45w, the Bassbreaker series offers everything from an incredible recording amplifier, a work horse gigging amp, right up to full on, face melting 45w powerhouse!

With heads or combos available in 7w, 15w and 45w series Fender have made an amp for everyone in every situation.


Fender describe their new series as, “nodding to our past while looking to the future, an indispensable addition the modern guitarist’s sonic toolkit.”

Check them out!

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