Exclusive Fender FSR Guitars at GAK

Lifestyle photo of someone playing a Fender FSR electric guitar.
Our exclusive Fender FSR guitars can’t be found anywhere else!

Fender is by far one of the most beloved guitar companies out there. Guitars like the Stratocaster and Telecaster have featured on a laundry list of legendary albums. Everyone from the Beatles to Slipknot to Chic has favoured a Fender instrument over the decades. As well as their distinctive tone, the iconic looks of these guitars and basses have become woven into the fabric of pop culture. Ask anyone to close their eyes and picture an “electric guitar” – there’s a good chance it’ll be a Fender. At GAK, we’re proud to offer exclusive Fender FSR guitars that you can only get with us. Whether it’s a fresh finish, new tonewoods or an upgraded set of pickups, our exclusive Fender FSR guitars certainly stand out from the pack.

These limited-edition instruments have been designed by us and boast unique appointments that aren’t available on standard models or FSR guitars elsewhere. New GAK-only Fender models are always coming in so keep an eye on this post for any updates. On the other hand, a model that’s in this article may not be around by the time you get around to reading it due to popular demand or the end of a run. So don’t hesitate if you see a Fender FSR guitar you like, it might not stick around for long!

What’s the deal with Fender FSR guitars?

Firstly, let’s explain what FSR stands for. It stands for “Fender Special Run” and it pretty much explains what makes Fender FSR guitars different. The FSR series is a chance for Fender to collaborate with retailers like GAK and put a fresh spin on their factory models. They’re all made specifically to order and only available in very limited numbers. If a particular guitar takes your fancy, be quick! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. That’s a big part of why Fender FSR guitars are so sought after. Their rarity, experimental nature and superb build quality have made them incredibly popular amongst players in the know.

Where are Fender FSR guitars built?

The FSR series covers all Fender models and ranges, from American Ultra Jaguars to Player Jazzmasters. Where the series is usually made determines where the FSR model will come from. For example, an FSR American Professional will have been built in – you guessed it – the USA. An FSR Vintera will hail from Mexico. And so on! A finite number of Fender FSR guitars are made in Japan. These models are highly desirable amongst collectors and are truly exceptional instruments. Japanese FSR guitars boast stellar craftsmanship and tend to be built with imported US parts. Plus, they tend to be more affordable and rare than their American counterparts. What’s not to love?

Does Fender make anything else under the FSR name?

The Fender Special Run range includes more than electric guitars and basses. Amplifiers, acoustic guitars, ukuleles and even some Squier models have been given the FSR treatment. In addition to collaborating with retailers, Fender also designs FSR instruments and amps themselves. It’s a way for them to have fun and make something a bit more left-field.

Keep reading to see our list of GAK exclusive Fender FSR guitars – these are only available here!

Fender FSR Player Telecaster, Aged Natural

Lifestyle photo of the GAK Fender FSR Player Telecaster in Aged Natural.
This FSR Tele features premium USA-made pickups and a unique finish.

Key Features:

  • Aged Natural finish – only available on this model at this price point.
  • Premium Pure Vintage ’52 Tele pickups – also found in the American Original ’50s Telecaster.
  • Alder body.
  • Maple neck with a comfortable Modern “C” profile.
  • Maple fretboard with 22 Medium Jumbo frets and a 9.5″ radius.

This Fender FSR Player Telecaster sports a no-frills, tough-as-nails aesthetic that’s inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s famous “Mutt” guitar. As well as its distinctive looks, this Tele’s USA-made pickups give it a serious sonic edge. We’ve chosen to outfit this FSR Player Telecaster with a pair of Pure Vintage ’52 pickups, which are a major upgrade over the standard model. These pickups deliver classic Tele twang in spades. Their authentically vintage voice is thanks to traditional wiring and old-school components. Plus, this pickup set is also found in the Fender American Original ’50s Telecaster.

Our Fender FSR Player Telecaster is a great choice if you want ’50s Tele tone and modern playability at an affordable price.

Check out our video on this limited-run Player Telecaster below:

Fender FSR Player Stratocaster, Black

Lifestyle photo of the Fender FSR Player Stratocaster.
This limited-edition Player Strat oozes style.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious gold-finished hardware, including a 2-point synchronised tremolo bridge.
  • Classy 3-ply mint green pickguard.
  • Contoured Alder body.
  • Maple neck with a comfortable Modern “C” profile.
  • Maple fretboard with 22 Medium Jumbo frets and a 9.5″ radius.

Next up, we have Fender FSR Player Stratocaster. This Strat boasts a seriously slick look with its gold-plated hardware and mint green pickguard. Compared to the standard Player Stratocaster models, our limited-edition version oozes style and class. Combine that with smooth playability, a crisp, versatile tone and a keen price and you have a truly fantastic Fender Strat.

This Fender FSR Player Stratocaster is a superb choice if you want a collectable instrument with a classic look and sound.

Fender FSR Player Mustang Bass, Sherwood Green Metallic

Body photo of the Fender FSR Player Mustang Bass.
This Fender Player Mustang Bass features a limited-edition finish.

Key Features:

  • Special Sherwood Green Metallic finish.
  • Alder body.
  • Short-scale Maple neck with a comfy “C” profile and smooth Satin Urethane finish.
  • Pau Ferro fretboard with 19 frets and a 9.5″ radius.
  • Vintage-style Jazz Bass and Precision Bass pickups.

This exclusive FSR Player Mustang Bass is a stunner, sporting a limited-edition Sherwood Green Metallic finish. The short-scale length and lightweight, double-cutaway body make this Mustang Bass incredibly easy to play. This is a seriously versatile instrument thanks to the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass pickups. The 3-way selector lets you use each pickup on its own or combined with the other.

The Fender FSR Player Mustang Bass is a top choice for anyone looking for a stylish and effortlessly playable instrument that’s bound to become a collector’s item.

Fender FSR Player Telecaster, Roasted Maple Neck, Sienna Sunburst

Fender Fsr Player Telecaster Roasted Maple Neck Sienna Sunburst
This FSR Player features a Roasted Maple neck and a special finish.

Key Features:

  • Special Sienna Sunburst finish.
  • Alder body.
  • Roasted Maple neck with a comfortable Modern “C” profile.
  • Roasted Maple fretboard with 22 Medium Jumbo frets.
  • Two Player Series single-coil pickups.

This gorgeous Fender FSR Player Telecaster features a striking Sienna Sunburst finish and Roasted Maple neck. This Tele certainly stands out from the crowd when it comes to looks! As well as giving the grain a pleasing hue, the roasting process also improves the neck’s resistance to warping. A pair of Player Series single-coils provide the bite and twang that made the Tele sound so iconic. The comfy Modern “C” neck profile makes this Fender FSR Player Tele a dream to play.

Fender FSR Player Telecaster, Surf Pearl

Fender Fsr Player Telecaster Maple Neck Surf Pearl

Key Features:

  • Special Surf Pearl finish.
  • Alder body.
  • Maple neck with a satin-urethane back finish and Modern “C” profile.
  • Maple fretboard with 22 Medium Jumbo frets and a 9.5″ radius.
  • Tim Shaw-designed Player Series pickups.

Here’s another Fender FSR Player Telecaster that’s exclusive to GAK. This Tele boasts a charming Surf Pearl finish that can only be found on this model. As you’d expect from Fender’s top-notch Player Series, this Telecaster is an outstanding instrument for the price. We’re still astounded by how Fender has managed to make an electric guitar that looks, feels and sounds this good so affordable. Throw in a limited-edition finish and you have a Tele that needs to be on your must-play list.

Keep your eyes peeled for new exclusive Fender FSR guitars!

We’ll regularly update this post with new FSR models when they come in so keep an eye out. Remember, once a run of a certain Fender FSR instrument ends – it won’t be made again!