Introducing The 2018 Fender Parallel Universe Guitar Series!

Fender Introduce the 2018 Parallel Universe Guitar Series!


With rumors, leaks, and info floating around the internet and forums over the past month we have finally been treated to the announcement we have all been waiting for. Fender has finally released the brand new Parallel Universe Series! So let’s jump straight in and see what these guitars have to offer.

The Jazz Telecaster

Is it made for surf, punk, jazz or country? Who cares—play whatever you like and it will be able to keep up, thanks to the vintage-inspired sound, alluring aesthetics and modern feel.

Two American Vintage ’65 single-coil Jazzmaster pickups power this beauty, with Fender’s classic, but legendary sound.  From the lacquer-finished ash body and custom-designed 3-ply pickguard to the American Professional Jazzmaster tremolo and bridge, American Vintage tuning machines and white “witch hat” knobs, all aspects of this guitar were designed for optimal performance and visual charm.

2018 Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe

Conduct your stage entrance in style with the elegantly double-bound Tele Thinline Super Deluxe. Fender has added a rich-sounding pair of TV Jones Classic pickups and familiar controls – with a twist – to our now-classic semi-hollow Tele design, combined with a superb finish and silver sparkle pickguard, accomplishing an old-school-cool that looks new, once again.

2018 Limited Edition Troublemaker Tele

Feeling Mischievious? Here’s a maple-topped, bound mahogany body and custom Cabronita pickguard with lacquer finish… we’re definitely stirring up some trouble with this limited-edition release.

It is powered by two Shawbucker 1T and 2T humbucking pickups, specifically voiced for their positions, this guitar has attitude and grunts and growls in a highly sought after manner.

2018 Limited Edition Strat-Tele Hybrid

This Strat-Tele hybrid is your ideal guitar for throwing down licks in any situation.

Fender has adorned the traditional Tele body with pro-touches like three Custom Shop ’69 Aged Strat pickups, a Strat synchronized tremolo bridge and the tasteful silver “spaghetti” Fender logo. The ash body bears the smooth Comfort Contours of a Strat, making playing this guitar truly an absolute pleasure.

2018 Limited Edition American Elite Nashville Telecaster

Jammed with innovation and raw attitude, the ltd edition Elite Nashville Telecaster HSS combines bleeding-edge performance with ageless aesthetical style.

It’s an adaptable, one-of-a-kind hybrid, built to tear it up either on stage or in the studio. This custom contoured Tele guitar’s stunning looks, easy-to-play feel and versatile sound can fulfil even the most obscure musical desires. This Tele was designed for one reason, to transcend what you thought a Telecaster was capable of.

2018 Limited Editon Jaguar Stratocaster

Smooth and affluent, with its chrome adornment and charming contours, the ltd edition Jaguar Strat will be sure to turn heads when it prevails in the spotlight

Fender didn’t just take visual cues from the Jaguar; they took its nimble switching system and merged it with Strat electronics to form a uniquely powerful hybrid system.  The established 5-way switch is accompanied by a devoted thumbwheel for bridge pickup tone control, while dual upper bout switches allow position 3 to select either the middle pickup alone or all 3 pickups at once, for a powerful roar of tone.

With a sound as killer as the design, this guitar has everything that made you relish both guitars.

2018 Limited Edition Meteora

Motion meets balance with a touch of grace with The Meteora, featuring a glistening new ltd edition off-set body shape that conforms to our tradition of arresting aesthetic design, the Meteora has finesse and is distinctively Fender.

The two biting Custom Shop Tele pickups mean this guitar wants to roar on stage, with a sound as propulsive as its visually stimulating lines. Powered by a Custom Shop vintage-style Tele bridge pickup and a Custom Shop Twisted Tele neck pickup, it can pump out anything you need from glistening clean tones to howling grit.

2018 Limited Edition ‘51 Telecaster PJ Bass

Looking like it just stepped out of the DeLorean, the limited-edition ’51 Telecaster PJ Bass boasts a classic design with deafening modern tone and augmented feel. This guitar has true punch, it growls thunderously and is like nothing you’ve heard or seen before.

Two Custom Shop pickups give this bass its roaring power—a ‘60s Jazz Bass singlecoil bridge pickup and ‘60s P Bass split-coil middle pickup bring the thunder, controlled by chromedome dual-concentric volume controls and a master tone control.

A respectable addition to any bassist’s collection, the ’51 Telecaster PJ Bass comes straight from the heart of rock ‘n’ roll.

2018 Limited Edition Whiteguard Strat

For any guitarist out there who’s ever fantasised of merging the biting twang of a Telecaster with the smooth, ergonomic contours of a Strat, Fender has created this ltd edition guitar: The Whiteguard Strat.

The magic behind this Strat’s cutting tone is the pair of Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster pickups. Staying true to the original design, these pickups have the classic sound responsible for everyone’s deep love for Fender.

A twisted take on a classic model, The Whiteguard Strat is an aesthetically stimulating music machine that produces a sound as stunning as it looks.

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