New Fender Rumble Bass Amps!

Fender Announce NEW Rumble Bass Amps!

The new Fender Rumble Bass Amps are a step towards the future of modern tone shaping amps and a first to be equipped with its own onboard wifi!

The latest production of Rumble Bass amps elaborates on the outstanding success of the Mustang GT series. The Rumble 800 and Rumble Studio 40 incorporates the potent processing power of the Mustang GT to bear a goldmine of features and tone shaping capabilities, that bassists at all levels can appreciate.

Rumble Stage 800 Combo

Fender Announce NEW Rumble Bass Amps!

These new Rumble sensations give bassists control over every kind of tone they want, from smooth warmth to gut-busting punch to snarling overdrive and more. There are plenty of Amp and cabinet models to recreate the sounds of history, from Fender’s original “TV-front” Bassman amp of the 1950s through to the venue-shaking monster rigs of the ’70s and ’80s, and even some of the favourite tones found in modern-day bass amps.

The onboard professional-grade delay and reverb effects, along with broad compression and complimentary EQ won’t leave you short of finding ‘that sound’. Nor will your creativity be disappointed, featuring distinctive bass-specific favourites such as octave effects with remarkable tracking, an envelope filter that truly brings the funk, the synth-emulating Octobot and much more.

Rumble Studio 40 Combo

The Rumble Stage 800 is a super-powerful yet lightweight amp that will rock the arena, while comfortably fitting in the back of the car. It’s a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing compact combo with two 10” speakers, a compression tweeter with an on-off switch, speaker extension capability, WiFi connectivity for software updates and cloud access to more tones, it’s also compatible with Fender Tone app. The USB output will allow you to record your playing, while the Bluetooth audio streaming or 3.5mm AUX & Output input allows for playing alongside your devices. Jamming along to your favourite tracks has never been easier!