Focusrite Academy: Learn To Record Drums

The Focusrite Academy is a free online video tutorial site dedicated to teaching music production newcomers the art of recording acoustic and electric instruments of all kinds on their Mac or PC.

The first course available at launch, Drum Recording, shows the budding producer/engineer how to record, process and mix a full drum kit in the studio, addressing everything from the equipment required – microphones, audio interface and outboard – to the skills and techniques involved.

Through this series of 20 videos, first-call session drummers Craig Blundell and Alessandro Lombardo, and producer Tim Harbour, demonstrate setting microphones up around the kit in various configurations, applying compression, phase correction and effects, editing the timing and groove of a recorded drum track, and more.

The Focusrite Academy will have all the insider knowledge you need to be able to engineer and produce incredible sounding drum tracks. So let’s get started!