Focusrite Plug-In Collective – Exponential Audio

After giving us great deals on the Fab Filter EQ’s, Positive Grid and Izotope plugins in the last few months, Focusrite are back with another amazing Plug-in Collective offer. All you need to be eligible to take part in this fantastic giveaway is to own a piece of Focusrite hardware.

This month sees Focusrite giving away Exponential Audio’s R2 Stereo Reverb for free throughout the month of April.


Let get into the R2 Stereo Reverb in a little more detail. Known as a ‘character reverb’, R2 adds warmth and fatness to otherwise dull mixes. It’s a product that is tried and tested by industry personnel, having been used in countless film and broadcast mixes as well as Grammy award winning albums.

Not satisfied with just giving us the R2 Stereo however, Focusrite has also decided to offer up discount on other Exponential Audio plug-ins. You will also get 40% off R2 Surround (an expansion of R2 Stereo) and 50% of R4 which combines classic reverb with a modern approach.

To use the R2 Stereo you’re going to need either an iLok 2 or 3.