Get inventive! The best ways to use your speakers and PA systems during lockdown!

For now at least, sadly, gigging and heading out to listen to music is off the cards. But, that doesn’t mean the music has to stop! If you’re missing listening to your favourite bands, why not bring their music into your home and turn up the volume! There are endless ways to use those portable speakers and PA systems from home, we just need to be inventive! We’ve put together our top 5 ways to make the most out of some amazing high-quality sound from home as well as some suggestions for our favourite pieces of kit, click HERE for the full list! Let’s go!

Bring some music into your weekend BBQ!

With the weather being so beautiful at the moment, many of us are trying to make the most of it from home. If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of outdoor space, why not get the speakers set up and have a BBQ! Grab the guitars, get them hooked up, stick on some food and relax! Using a portable PA system, you can get set up with some serious audio and make your back garden your new stage.

Alto Professional TX208 PA Speaker

QSC K12.2 Active PA Speaker

Rehearse! Practice! Write! Make the most out of this time.

If you’re finding yourself with a bit more free time on your hands, why not spend this time rehearsing? Practising new songs? Or, writing new songs! Just because gigs are on hold doesn’t mean band practice has to stop! If you’re lucky enough to live with your bandmates, get your gear hooked up and run through the set. Try out a new cover or dig up an old song that never quite got finished, now is the time to finish it! Or, if you’re not living with the band, set up a virtual band meeting once a week and get each other motivated to rehearse! Make the most out of your time, get plugged in and get playing!

LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 Compact Column PA System with Mixer

Yamaha Stagepas 1K Portable PA System

Have a virtual house party!

We’re all missing our friends and families at the minute, so why not get together for a virtual house party? Get ready, get a drink, get the speakers set up and gather everyone together on a group video call for a great night! We know it’s not the same, but it’s the next best thing!

LD Systems Roadman 102 Portable PA Speaker with Wireless Handheld Microphone

Alto Professional Truesonic TS312 PA Speaker

Go Wireless!

Use this handy, compact little device to convert hard-wired mixers or powered loudspeakers into wireless devices, free from cumbersome, restrictive connection cables.

Bluetooth Total connects via its XLR connector. A fast, simple 2-step, 2-button arrangement makes pairing and wireless reception easy and positive. Now any hard-wired XLR-equipped system becomes wireless, with all the advantages of not having long hard-wired cable runs, and most importantly, no sacrifice of audio quality.  For stereo or dual-speaker mono applications, users can easily link two Bluetooth Totals together to conveniently cover the listening space with larger, more impactful sound. Bluetooth Total is the ideal solution for adding wireless connection to professional audio set-ups, and eliminating troublesome, hard-wired cabling for good.

Click HERE to check out a full list of some of our favourite pieces of kit!