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Have you ever dreamt up your dream guitar? Have you ever found something that’s so close to perfection but maybe it didn’t have the right pickup you wanted, or it wasn’t the right colour? Gibson are here to make your dreams a reality. Its the thing you never knew you always needed, Its Gibson Made 2 Measure.

Gibson Made 2 Measure

Gibson are offering a unique experience to their customers that gives you the opportunity to visit the London based Gibson showroom to spec up their very own Custom Shop Les Paul guitar. Through our website, you can book a slot at Gibson HQ and have the chance to test out a range of different options that are available including the base model shape, the neck profile, the hardware, fret size, pickup options, wood choice and colour options. Your trip will include having the chance to chose between a wide range of maple tops that are currently available at Gibson HQ along with neck blanks, body blanks and fretboards which will then be sent over to the Gibson Custom Shop to make your dream a reality and be delivered to you a few months later.

If you want the unique experience of getting to trial custom shop Les Paul guitar models at the Gibson HQ, pick and choose your spec according to your own personal preference and then get finally get your dream guitar delivered to your door, then check out this page on our website to get started!

Gibson Made 2 Measure process