The Top 5 Greatest Ever Guitar Leaps

Today is February 29th which is also known as Leap Day! To celebrate this occasion (which only blesses us once every four years) we decided to celebrate the art of the Guitar Jump or “Leap”. See what we did there? Here are our top 5 guitar leapers!

5 – Bruce Springsteen


What can be said about Bruce Springsteen that hasn’t been said already – his performances with The E Street Band truly are a tour de force that has left audiences captivated for decades. They are renowned for their long performances and as Bruce turns 67 later in the year he is nothing short of remarkable. Here he is giving it his all and performing an epic leap.

4 – Kurt Cobain

Kurt Vancouver shoulders 001
Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Kurt was the most important artist of the nineties even though he only lived for half the decade. Kurt Cobain brought punk rock to the mainstream with a combination of simple melodies juxtaposed with noise and chaos. Famed for his unhinged live performances he would often trash his equipment at the end of the show – and would often leap into Dave Grohl‘s drumkit at the end of the set!


3 – Eddie Van Halen

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen in Concert
Kurt Cobain, Nirvana

Van Halen almost goes without saying as their 1984 album featured the instant classic “Jump”. Their first no #1 single (and their only with David Lee Roth a lead singer) send the band stratospheric. Eddie Van Halen’s leaping and jumping around eventually took it’s tool however as he underwent hip-replacement surgery in 1999. In this image here EVH is truly in his element.

2 – Ben Weinmann


Ben Weinmann is the founder and lead guitarist of hardcore punk/metal bruisers The Dillinger Escape Plan. The intensity of their live shows is something to behold and Ben often commits to a majestic stage leap!

1 – Pete Townshend


Pete Townshend was one of the first guitarists to truly manhandle his guitars. From his signature wind-mill stage move to leaping like a gazelle – his performances made The Who one of the most exciting live bands on the planet. In the 70’s he extended his repertoire of balletic jumps and manoeuvres with his cross-stage leaps that would end with a long slide on his knees. Pure showmanship.

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