Happy 17th Birthday Line 6 DL4!

Happy 17th Birthday Line 6 DL4!

Since its release 17 years ago, the LINE 6 DL4 stompbox modeler has become a modern classic. An essential tool for guitars, keyboards, and vocals alike, it continues to inspire its users.


First released way back in 2000, The DL4 features 16 delay models each with its own unique character. There is even a loop sampler. A few of the models are based on classic delays, like the Maestro Echoplex, Roland Space Echo, and the EHX Deluxe Memory Man. The 24-bit stereo signal path ensures a superior performance!

Housed within a sturdy, green metal, tank-like case the DL4 is powered by either four C batteries or an AC power adapter. In addition to stereo I/O, the DL4 also provides an input for an expression pedal.

With a footprint similar to other Line 6 stompbox modelers, the DL4 has four multifunction switches as well as six knobs. The knobs are used to switch between delay models and to tweak the effect settings, while the switches handle either patch selection, control of the loop sampler, or the tap tempo function.

The DL4 is very easy to use with simple controls and a straightforward interface. I was especially drawn to the analogue echo and tape delay models. Both work perfectly for my desire to add a measure of atmosphere to my mix.

A typical workflow involves simply dialling in a delay model, setting the tempo to be in sync with your piece by either tapping or using the ‘Delay Time’ knob, and tweaking until it sounds just right. Holding one of the three patch switches down until the indicator light flashes will save your current loop. In short, the DL4 is simple and a breeze to use.

There is a good reason the Line 6 DL4 is known as the legendary Green Box. Chances are you need one in your setup, whether you play the guitar, bass, drums synth or keyboard. Its versatility has made it the go-to delay/loop sampler stompbox for 17 years in a row!