New Line 6 Helix 2.20 Firmware Update!

22 New Amp, Cab and Effect Models

HX model library upgrade of special interest to bass players as well as guitarists

Helix 2.20 is a firmware update for Helix and Helix Rack guitar processors that offers guitarists an additional suite of HX amp models, including new amps, cabinets and effects, with a special emphasis on models for bass players. The release will also feature a host of functional upgrades and a newly crafted set of impulse responses.


Included in the update are 6 amp models, 7 cabinet models, and 9 effect models. A total of 11 models are designed for bass players. Highlights in the release include models based on* the Pearce BC-1 bass preamp, a Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K Ultra bass preamp/overdrive/EQ pedal model, and Line 6 Badonk, an original Line 6 amp model inspired by the original high gain Big Bottom model.

Helix 2.20 also introduces the Line 6 Allure IR Pack, a free download of new speaker cabinet impulse responses created by Dan Boul of 65 Amps fame. Support for Variax Workbench HD has been added, allowing Variax modelling guitars to communicate directly with Workbench HD editing software through Helix via USB. In addition, 2.20 adds the ability for Helix to send and receive MIDI Clock for synchronising its tempo with DAW software and MIDI-based pedals.