The NEW Ibanez 2019 Series is HERE!

The NEW Ibanez 2019 Series is HERE!

With much speculation floating around the internet, we are super excited to finally announce the NEW IBANEZ 2019 SERIES! Ibanez has raised the bar for 2019 with some seriously impressive new colour schemes and body shapes, including some awesome new Exotic Woods and Finishes we’ve never seen before!

Check out the latest gear from Ibanez in our roundup of some of the best 2019 releases.

Ibanez RG Series – Prestige, Iron Label, Genesis Collection & Premium.

The RG series is easily the most distinctive and recognisable in the Ibanez lineup, with more than 30 years of demanding Metal guitarists helping to forge them into the force of nature they are today.  These high-performance guitars are honed for both speed and strength, with the Premium range representing some of the very best that Ibanez has to offer.

With such features as Wizard Necks, Gotoh Hardware, Mother Of Pearl Headstocks & Side-Dots, Fishman Fluence, DiMarzio, Barenuckle & EMG Pickups, Bound Fretboards and MUCH MORE!

Check out the whole Ibanez RG Series HERE!

Ibanez RGA Series – Axion Label

Ibanez is offering you an RGA electric guitar that features a sleek and fast Nitro Wizard neck, Barenuckle Aftermath humbuckers, Luminescent Headstock & Side-Dots and a choice of stunning finishes. This guitar both looks and plays like a much more expensive instrument and would make a welcome addition to any guitarist’s collection!

Check out the whole Ibanez RGA Series HERE!

Ibanez RGD Series – Axion Label

The Ibanez RGD comes complete with a whole host of premium-grade goodies.  There’s the all-new Nitro Wizard neck, then there’s those stunning Fishman Fluence & DiMarzio Pickups, a smooth Ebony & Flamed Maple fretboards. Along with gorgeous finishes, Multi-scale fanned fretted options, and even a Mono-Rail bridge with Gotoh locking tuners to ensure the maximum amount of tuning stability.

Check out the whole Ibanez RGD Series HERE!

Ibanez S Series

These are the latest guitars in the Ibanez S-Series, fitting nicely into their Premium range of instruments and offering players a whole host of goodies in a stunning-looking, lightweight package including a Nitro-Wizard Neck, Flamed Maple Tops, Fishman Fluence Modern Pickups and Gotoh Locking Machine Heads!

Check out the whole Ibanez S Series HERE!

Ibanez Hollow Body Series – Artcore Expressionist, Artcore Vintage

Say hello to the fabulous new Ibanez 2019 hollow-body series that’s perfect for playing Jazz or traditional Blues music.

With Features such as Bound Laurel Fretboards, Flame Maple Tops/Linden back & sides, Classic Elite, Infinity R & Super 58 Pickups, Bigsby Tailpiece and lots more! This series exude’s sheer class from the moment you take it out of the box. Not only that but it’s available at a stunningly low price for the quality you’re getting!

So these are just a few of our favourites form the Ibanez 2019 series, To see the ENTIRE catalog CLICK HERE!