Now available separately, the flagship Alesis Strike Drum Module brings unparalleled sound quality and expandability to the world of electronic drums. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing kit or create a unique setup of your own, put this module at the heart of your kit for the ultimate in uncompromised performance. Interested? Check-out our six reasons why you need this module in your life!

Effortless UI and Packed with Premium Sounds!

Everything the modern drummer demands is here! The Strike Drum Module packs a 4.3” colour screen so you can easily operate on a dimly lit stage and make deep edits on the fly. Out of the box, the module contains 1800 production-grade built-in sounds made up of 45,000 layered WAV samples – a sure fire guarantee that every subtle nuance of your performance is delivered just as you need it to be.

Connectivity for any Situation

The kit of your dreams awaits thanks to the Strike Drum Module’s arsenal of connectivity options. Fusing 12 dual-zone trigger inputs and 8 individual audio outputs, in addition to stereo outputs, plus of course USB-MIDI and standard MIDI sockets, all the versatility you demand is here for your ultimate drumming setup.

Built-in Sampler

Finding your signature sound just got a whole lot simpler thanks to the Strike Drum Module’s built-in sampler. Whether you’re looking to capture your performance, record sounds to assign directly to pads or even make and shape your own loops right from your drum stool, the intuitive, fuss-free UI means you focus more on your performance and less on diving through complicated menus.

Integrated Mixer

As a pro-grade instrument, a tactile mixing surface is a must. Thanks to the Strike Drum Module’s integrated mixer, instantly adjust your individual kit levels without having to dive into menus. More kick, please? No problem!

Strike Editor Software

The Strike Editor is a powerful desktop app (PC or Mac) to create your own custom drum & cymbal sounds. This tool gives you full access to the architecture of the module so you can create and import custom multi-layered sounds every bit as rich and expressive as the factory content. A 16GB memory card is also included, providing more than ample space for your own custom kits and samples.

Everything you Need, Whatever your Setup!

The Strike Drum Module is fully compatible with most brands of drum and cymbal pad, so you can easily upgrade your existing kit – the Strike cable snake is also included just in case your kit uses a proprietary cable loom. You can also use external acoustic drum triggers giving you the freedom to configure your own unique Hybrid drum kit setup complete with e-pads and cymbals – not to mention acoustic drums and triggers. Full trigger parameter editing is available onboard, so you can fine-tune trigger response to suit any pad and environment from a studio to a stadium.If you take your drumming seriously, you need to check-out the Strike Drum Module from Alesis Drums. Contact our Drum Experts to explore the possibilities!