NAMM NEWS 2017: PRS J-MOD 100 John Mayer Signature Amp

There have been rumours circulating in the last few months about a possible John Mayer / PRS collaboration and we can finally confirm that they’ve come together to create the incredible, custom J-Mod 100 amplifier. Described by Mayer as a “real evolution and a step forward in guitar amps,” the J-Mod 100 is a single channel amp that has been specifically designed with all the elements required to recreate Mayer’s distinct guitar tone.

PRS J-MOD 100 John Mayer Signature Amp

J MOD 100

Although the amp doesn’t include a reverb, there is an effects loop allowing users to add their own studio reverb of choice. Speaking of the tone stack, Mayer said it provides a “beautiful, spread out tone” providing a crystal clear sound from the offset. The amps gain stage provides rich harmonics and also packs a powerful punch if you’re really going for it.

Other key features include the bright switch to add more high end, a presence control to give the amp a boost and deliver a richer tone.

Hand wired by the PRS team in Maryland, the J-MOD 100 is build to stand the test of time.  The amp has been specifically crafted to minimise breaks by including five boards. Breaking this down it basically means that each individual part of the circuit has its own board which move slightly with the amp to reduce wire breakages. Packed with a Cinemag output transformer as well as high-end capacitors in the preamp section the amp is full of rich harmonics and truly vintage tones.



100 (nominal)


Single-Channel with switchable gain stage and effects loop

Power tubes:

4 x 6L6

Preamp tubes:

4 x 12AX7/ECC83S

Output Transformer:

Cinemag Texas 100

Output Jack Configuration:

Two parallel Jacks with 4 and 8 Ohm selector switch, one 16


Fixed (adjustable)

Dimensions (unboxed):

26” wide, 10” tall, 10” deep



Colours: Stealth with salt and pepper grill cloth and gold piping

Effects loop:


Available Configurations:


Front Panel Controls

Clean Channel: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Bright Switch
Gain Stage: Volume and Output
Global Controls: Presence and Master
Included Accessories: Footswitch – effects loop and gain boost on/off
Suggested Cabinet Pairing: JM 2×12 Closed Back Cabinet

Cabinet Specs

Wood: Pine, fingerjoint construction
Speakers: Celestion G12-65 heritage Series
Impedence: 8 Ohms
Weight: 51 lbs
Colours: Stealth with salt and pepper grill cloth
Power handling: 130 watts


LxWxH: 32” x 11” x 22.5”

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