Introducing The Brand New Korg Volca Mix!

Integrating and expanding its popular VOLCA range Korg introduce VOLCA MIX.

The Korg VOLCA range changed what people thought possible from modern analog hardware when they were launched back in 2013. With a diminutive footprint and a price tag to match, but still able to offer considerable sonic power and flexibility in each of its diverse versions, the VOLCA range promptly found thousands of friends from people buying their very first bit of hardware to, well, Daft Punk.

KORG integrates and expands its popular VOLCA range introducing VOLCA MIX. |GAK BLOG
Korg Volca launch line up.
This format was of course not without its limitations (however at this price personally I would consider them characteristics). With MIDI IN only, and an ‘optional’ power supply, a necessity unless you had a limitless supply of AA batteries and a very small conscience, no handy ‘audio through’ facility as found on the boutique range for example, it seemed despite their inherent value, usability and general fun factor that there was an obvious piece missing from the VOLCA puzzle.
Korg introduce VOLCA MIX. |GAK BLOG
KORG VOLCA MIX front panel.
The answer to pretty much every KORG VOLCA fans dream is now here in the form of the KORG VOLCA Mix. Sharing the same chassis and footprint with the rest of the VOLCA family KORG VOLCA MIX is something VOLCA users and more the world over will want to buy.

In terms of the feature set it offers, it may not be the exact recipe you dreamed of, or indeed were expecting, but the boffins at KORG are on point with this, and you will find it really is the recipe that you need. Master clock, smart dynamics including side chain, ‘Width’ (a sort of spacial expander that makes a mono sound source into a wide stereo signal), power distribution, allowing the connection and synchronization and audio mixing of three other other Volca’s, or any audio source you may have for that matter.

Korg introduce VOLCA MIX. | GAK BLOG
Korg Volca mix integration.

The way it will sit with 3 other VOLCA units is super smart and practical, and if you need more inputs because you have a larger VOLCA collection, or have other hardware you wish to attach, you can simply buy another VOLCA MIX. The KORG VOLCA MIX hails a new level of integration of this fabulous, accessible and engaging range, and we cannot wait to see in what ways KORG takes this wonderful little line forward next.

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