Let’s get to know DW

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DW has carved a name for themselves as one of the premium custom shop brands with their Collector’s Series. The Performance series brings all the features and specifications of the top end Collector’s series but without the price tag, including HVX shell technology, DW turret lugs, and STM mounts.

The drums sound punchy, with plenty of low end (thanks to the HVX ply configuration), but also enough brightness and attack to cut through the mix. The kick drum delivers a tremendous thump, while the toms are melodic, and really sing.

DW hardware is trusted by every level of player, from weekend gigging musicians to touring professionals. The 5000 series is known for its reliability, as well as being practically indestructible, while the 9000 series comes packed with features to make every musician’s life easier, while still being rock solid.

DW continuously strives to create new drum concepts. John Good, DW’s Vice President,  is commonly known as DW’s “woodologist,” continually searching out different wood to create unique sets. In the late ’90s, John learned of 500-year-old hardwood that had sunk in Lake Superior 100 years ago. The logs were harvested by underwater treasure hunters and used to create DW’s Timeless Timber line, featuring 25th Anniversary Lake Superior Maple sets in 1997 and DW’s 30th anniversary Lake Superior Birch sets in 2002 (pictured at left). DW has also continued to pave the way for experimentation by releasing rare woods as limited edition Private Reserve kits. DW’s 30th anniversary also marked the release of the most technologically advanced pedal on the market. A limited number of precisely machined Titanium 9000 single and double pedals were released as a testament to the custom features and patented technology that has continued to make DW pedals an industry standard. The numbered collector’s pedals featured a titanium footboard, lightweight aluminium cam, patented Delta hinge and a certificate of authenticity. Later that year, the roadworthy production version of the 9000 series pedal was released and featured patented Floating Rotor Technology. This feature optimizes speed, power and precision with friction-reducing ball bearings in the rotor, mounted on a free-floating drive shaft, and incorporates several of the unique features that make the 5000 Series line up of pedals standard issue for the world’s top players.

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