Just Announced! Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

Just Announced!  Say hello to the new Helix LT Guitar Processor. The streamlined new member of the Line 6 Helix family! With the enormous success of the Helix, it was only a matter of time before Line 6 expanded the range, and the new Helix LT streamlines the experience while cutting the price and still boasting the same processing power.



Featuring the same advanced HX modelling technology as the Helix Floor and Rack, the Helix LT features a far superior level of performance due to its streamlined hardware configuration. Its HX Modelling engine utilises dual-DSP performance which recreates amps, cabs, mics and effects to a fantastic standard.

The large LCD display, touch sensitive foot switches and colour LED’s combine to create a very easy to use product with fast and smart control.

The Helix LT can be easily integrated into an existing rig due to its extensive routeing capabilities, providing you with a wide range of both studio and stage applications. It is also compatible with existing Helix presets.


The HelixTM LT guitar processor features the same advanced HX Modelling technology found in the Helix Floor and Helix Rack processors. With a streamlined I/O complement and hardware configuration, the Helix LT guitar processor delivers the highest levels of performance, flexibility and control in its class. The award-winning HX Modelling engine leverages powerful dual-DSP performance to capture and recreate amps, cabs, mics and effects with authenticity and responsiveness.

A large LCD and touch-sensitive footswitches with colour LED rings enable easy usage and fast, smart control. The generous I/O complement, with extensive routeing capabilities, makes it easy to integrate Helix LT into an existing rig and provides flexibility for a wide range of stage and studio applications. Helix LT has preset compatibility with existing Helix products and also offers Variax guitar control integration. With Helix LT, the world’s most powerful guitar processing platform is now more accessible than ever before.