LUDWIG: 110th-anniversary re-release!

Back at the Winter NAMM in January, Ludwig decided to pay the ultimate tribute to their heritage as a brand, by re-releasing two of their most sought after snares, as a limited edition 110th anniversary re-issue. Were any of you lucky enough to be there? Get involved on our social pages and let us know!

First, the return of the highly acclaimed Jazz fest snare. In 5.5″, with a 3-ply Mahogany shell, this snare is the perfect way to get a crisp, warm vintage sound. With upgraded hardware, p88a strainer, and a baseball bat internal dampener this re-issue is a modern and improved version of a classic.

Second, the 110th anniversary 8-lug Black Beauty reissue; no longer will customers have to pay the eye-watering prices for an 80s Black Beauty. The difference in tone between the 8 and 10 lug version will surprise even the most seasoned players and sceptics alike. The reduced mass on the drum greatly increases the resonance, and really allows the warm brass shell to sing, giving that tone Ludwig Black Beauties are renowned for. The 8-lug Black Beauty is available in both 5, and 6.5″ depths.

Also returning to production is the Speedking pedal, the pedal so many of the greats swore by, including, of course, John Bonham. The pedal features modern build quality, and a direct drive mechanism, allowing players to get out exactly what they put in. Not content with just bringing back some old classics, Ludwig has also released the Classic Oak kit, for players that want the Ludwig sound and warmth, but with extra attack and projection to cut through even the loudest of bands.

Ludwig Speed King Bass Drum Pedal