Free Exclusive Music Lessons With Melodics!

Free Exclusive Music Lessons With Melodics!

Until 31st March 2018, Purchasers of select M-Audio, Akai Professional and Alesis Keyboard Controllers will receive Five Free Exclusive Lessons from Melodics.

M-Audio, Alesis and Akai Professional, leading manufacturers of performance solutions for modern producers and performers, today announced an exclusive promotion with Melodics, an app that adapts to user’s abilities and musical tastes to hone and develop improved keyboard, pad controller and MIDI-centric drum playing technique.

Melodics combines a user-friendly, intuitive and inspiring user interface, underpinned with unique adaptive learning, motivational mechanics and customised challenges, encouraging users to learn different techniques, concepts and genres. Melodics fuses two schools of thought, traditional audio software, familiar to thousands of DJs & producers, and an engaged learning approach more like a game – with each session, you’re building muscle memory, improving your technique and most importantly, mastering your controller.

M-Audio, Alesis and Akai Professional all have an iconic legacy providing performance-ready keyboard controllers and studio-centric tools, meticulously engineered for immersive creative exploration. With Melodics joining forces with these industry-leading brands, taking your performance to the next level has never been easier.

Until 31st March 2018, Purchasers of M-Audio’s Keystation Series, Oxygen Series, and CODE Series (Black), Alesis’ V and VI series, and Akai Professional’s MPK2 Series, LPK-Series, APC Key 25 and MPK Mini MKII will receive Five Free Exclusive Lessons from Melodics, helping to develop their playing / performance skills using a platform that is specifically designed for engaged learning in an inspiring, easy-to-use interface.

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