MOOG ONE Polyphonic Synthesizer Announced!

Legends never die. They Multiply…

Well, the moment many of you have been waiting for, speculating on, and or dreaming about has finally arrived. Ashville’s finest, Moog Music Inc, has finally announced the release of an all-new polyphonic synthesizer called ‘The One’.
Moog One overhead angle
Available in 8 and 16 voice options this super powerful, gorgeous to behold synth is an absolute beast. So with the spec on paper and its sound reverberating joyously in our ears, it is time to get saving, begging and or cleaning up the credit score. There is not anyone that loves synths or is even just interested in synths that is not going to want one of these machines. It’s sonic signature, the build, in ash and aluminium, and inherent MOOG quality, the flexibility the unique effects integration, in short, want, want, want, want, want.
Moog One Outputs
I was lucky enough to be privy to a sneak peek of this synth last summer when it was emblazoned with the word ‘Multiply’ as a placeholder name for the synth now we know is to be called ‘The One’. I have been biting my knuckles ever since that day in an effort to not spill these wonderful beans. It would even seem Moog themselves seem to have tacitly teased this launch at NAMM last year when giving out stickers that read “Legends never die. They multiply, multiply, multiply”…
The quality and implementation of it’s inbuilt Eventide effects is a masterstroke. The Moog sound going through Eventide units is a combination many of us have been enjoying for years. Plus putting the effects on a buss, rather than inline adds flexibility and also does not interfere with the purity of The Ones analogue signal path. Absolute genius.
Moog One Controls
Provisionally coming in at £5999 for the 8 and £7999 for the 16 the price of The One will prove too much for many, but if you really want it, I am sure it is doable for the most synth driven and passionate, after all, who really needs two kidneys anyway. Frankly, given what we have here, (48 oscillators through 2 filter types with 3 independent EG’s) I genuinely think it’s price is reasonable. Consider the cost difference between the 8 and 16 note versions and I think the 16 will sell by the truckload to studio facilities, educational institutes, professionals, and hobbyists alike. This product really does seem like ‘The One’, I wonder how the team at MOOG came up with that name…
For more information on MOOG ONE or to arrange a demonstration, or discuss purchasing MOOG ONE call our MOOG PRO CERTIFIED specialist on 01273-665413. To browse MOOG ONE click here.