MOOG SUBsequent 37 CV

Moog is back with a brand new version of their Sub 37 Tribute edition analogue synthesiser, the limited edition Subsequent 37 CV Monosynth.

The unit is constructed of a North American hardwood base, fixed to a rugged steel and aluminium enclosure and sandwiched between a pair of solid aluminium side pieces.

New features on the synth include four assignable CV outputs and two assignable gate outputs, allowing the user to connect the synth to modular systems and also to modify the analogue signal path. The units mixer now has double the headroom.

Moog’s Chief Engineer had this to say about the new synth “We are really excited to incorporate community feedback into the evolution of an instrument. Adding CV interconnectivity was the starting point, but we have also increased the headroom in the mixer and significantly extended the range of Multidrive, giving the Subsequent 37 CV expanded sonic capability and modular control.”

There are 2000 units of the limited edition synth being produced, the first 125 having being built live on site at Moogfest 2017.