NAMM NEWS 2017: Orange Rocker 32

NAMM NEWS 2017: Orange proudly announce an absolutely cracking new pair of amplifiers. Introducing the return of Rocker series, this time in the form of the Rocker 15 combo and Rocker 32 combo.

Orange Rocker 32

orange 32

The Rocker 32 is a 2X10 30w combo amp with a difference. Orange have considered the current climate of the Effects Pedal market, and what an amplifier would need to be to be the perfect partner to the modern gigging musician’s set up.

Introducing Orange’s first stereo combo amplifier. The 32 can of course be used conventionally as a standard, brilliant sounding twin speaker amplifier, but under the bonnet is a unique stereo effects loop which opens the doors to limitless possibilities. If you favour epic soundscapes and the huge panning delays of Strymon effects and co. then the Rocker 32 is the perfect partner.

Even if you prefer an old school approach, or just want to keep your dry signal in the chain, Orange have thought of that too. You can hook up a single speaker to deal with your effects loop, leaving your second speaker for your clean signal. What could be better than that!

The control panel is a mix of familiarity and innovation. Taking it’s cues from the original Rocker 30 amplifiers of the early 2000’s, the Rocker 32 features a ‘natural’ and ‘dirty’ channel. The dirty channel is reminiscent of the original Rockers, sporting a full three band EQ, Master volume and Input volume control, perfect for fine tuning the many flavours of British rock crunch. The Natural channel, on the other hand, consists of simply a volume control, the channel being carefully voiced for maximum headroom, and to bring out every subtle nuance in your guitar’s tone.

Orange have put a lot of R&D into developing their Voice Of The World Gold Label speakers, partnered with an output stage cathode follower to create a subtle widening effect, the Rocker 32 is a massive, gutsy sounding amp in a very neatly sized package, altering the definition of a 2X10 combo amp.

The Rocker series mark a welcome return of a very popular range of Orange amps. Technical Director, Ade Emsley commented on the reintroduction of the series:

Guitar players were asking me to bring back the Rocker 30 amplifier we discontinued quite a few years back. I have improved the amp but I also wanted to put a twist on the concept. With so many stereo delay pedals available today, I wanted to make an amp that could make the most of them.

I ended up using two 15 Watt output stages that split off at the FX returns. This meant that the Rocker 32 would work just like a simple mono amp unless otherwise desired. It has one FX send and two FX returns making it a pretty small stereo rig all in one nice 2×10 combo.

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