NEW Orange Amplifier Releases! – Orange Terror Bass 2 & Anniversary Crush 20 Combo


Orange TBII Terror Bass 2 500W Hybrid Head

The all-new, re-designed Terror Bass has arrived and it sounds better than ever. With an all valve front end, the Terror Bass is a 500W hybrid bass amp with a valve preamp and solid state power amp, making it closer to the sound of our flagship AD200 than ever before.

The front panel remains the same layout as the original Terror Bass but with an added clean switch, giving more headroom and smoother, clean sounds.

From clean pop sounds through to gritty rock tones the Terror Bass can do it all. A pad switch on the front for active basses takes 6dB off the input sensitivity. The effects loop is valve on the send and solid state on the return.

The Terror bass is a Class D amp with 500 watts of power into 4 Ohms and 250 Watts into 8 Ohms, the limiter switch on the back prevents the output stage from being pushed too hard into 4 ohms. The Terror bass is perfect for any situation, whether studio, practice or live gig.

Closely Based on the AD200 Bass Amplifier

The front end of the Terror Bass is the same all-valve preamp design as the flagship Orange bass amp, the AD200. The AD200 is a classic, uncomplicated amplifier, designed to give you the best tone.

Class D Power Amplifier

The Terror bass is a 500 Watt hybrid amplifier with a valve preamp and a Class D, solid state power section. Analogue valve tone in a portable, compact lunchbox head.

Clean Switch

Drive and grit not your thing? Get a crystal clean tone at the flick of a switch.

Pad for Active Basses

The pad switch on the front of the Terror Bass reduces input sensitivity by 6dB, meaning the amp is perfect for active or passive basses.

FX Loop

The valve-driven FX loop on the Terror Bass is the perfect tool for creating your ideal signal chain.

Ground Lift

Eliminates any ground loop noise when using the Balanced Output.

Orange OBC112 400W 1×12 Bass Cab

THE OBC112 IS A SMALL CAB WITH A BIG SOUND. Orange cabinets have been an industry standard for fifty years, the OBC112 cabinet is Orange’s newest addition to the range.

With rear porting and featuring a 400 Watt Lavoce Neodymium 12″ bass speaker, the OBC112 produces a surprising amount of bottom end despite its modest size.

Built from 15mm Birch ply, the OBC112 is light enough to be truly portable and the classic Orange picture frame design and our iconic livery are your guarantees of solid craftsmanship and build quality.


The Orange build quality you expect, in a lighter cabinet. A bass cab that will withstand the rigours of touring without the back-breaking weight.


Superb punch and huge bottom end require a first rate speaker.


Finished in our legendary livery dating back to 1968, the OBC112 features our basket weave vinyl, acoustic grill cloth and signature ‘picture frame’ edging.

Orange Crush 20 50th Anniversary Edition Combo, White Tolex

Introducing, the Orange Crush 20 Limited… To help mark Orange’s 50th Anniversary they wanted to produced a limited run of an amp that was affordable and represented what Orange stands for. With its all analogue circuitry and straight up sound, the Crush 20 combo seemed to be the perfect choice. This limited edition model comes in a White Tolex and features a gold commemorative 50th Anniversary plaque at no extra cost than the standard model.

At it’s core, the Crush 20 is an affordable, 20 watt, two-channel, all analogue amp with a high gain preamp design, aux-in, headphone output, cabinet simulation, custom Voice of the World driver and classic Orange styling. Making the Crush 20 the perfect choice for anyone needing compact and portable guitar combo with uncompromising tone.

Please note: only 2000 of these are being produced. When they’re gone, they’re gone.