Roland announce new System-500 modules!

Roland this week have released their latest System-500 modules that include the 510 Synth, 531 MIX, 05 VCF and 555.

This week Roland dropped four brand-new System-500 modular units. Designed and produced in collaboration with Portland-based Malekko, the SYS-510 Synth, SYS-555 LAG/S&H, SYS-531 MIX, and SYS-505 VCF offer up exciting new possibilities in sound design and musical exploration.
Inspired by vintage Roland modular synths of the 1970’s, each of the four new modules have a great looking vintage design with Eurorack compatibility, allowing each user to customise their set up in any number of arrangments thanks to a seamless rack and patch system (that includes many other synths and effects modules out there).
So what exactly are these 4 new modules and what do they do?

SYS-510 Synth

This superb synthesiser module tks its sound and functionality from the 110 VCO, VCF, and VCA module found within Roland’s vintage SYSTEM-100m. It is an expanded single-voice module featuring three oscillator waveforms, a classic Roland low-pass filter with a dual high-pass switch, and a VCA with multiple outputs…it’s a beast. With a multitude of input for external signals and modulation, as well as output jacks and internal normalling, the SYS is an essential building block to a powerful modular system.


The 555 is a five-in-one module offering core utility functions and exciting new elements to a modular setup. Boasting ring modulation, sample-and-hold with seven waveforms and internal LPF, Pink and White noise modes, plus an LFO with internal ENV, VCA and two CV-controlled portamento circuits. With the addition of the 555 to your array, you’re given an unprecedented number of modulation and tonal shaping options.


The 531 is essentially the heart of your modular setup, acting as the bridging point mixing between stereo and mono signals. Featuring high-fidelity, low-noise sound complete with six input channels, each with individual level sliders. A boutique-quality stereo preamp for mic or line-level inputs offers various tones of tones. Additionally, the 531 also sports a CV-controlled pan knob and mute-button, each output section has a dedicated volume knob including the headphones.


The 505 VCF takes the legendary Roland SH-5 mono synth’s filter section (a multi-mode filter combined with a band-pass filter), and packages it in a compact Eurorack unit module. The 505 offers switchable outputs, CV control for cutoff and resonance, built-in VCA’s. This superb dual filter offers two differing vintage characters.