The Future Redefined – Brand New Synth Gear From Roland!

Brand New Synth Gear From Roland! SE-02 & FA-07

Throughout the last month Roland has been unleashing a variety of new products into the stratosphere which has included the new SPD series, the MS-3 Multi Effects switcher and a new Blues Cube Amplifier.  However, todays announcement could be the most exciting of the lot, with the release of the SE-02 Analog Synth and the FA-07 Music Workstation.

Let’s get into the SE-02 first. Roland have collaborated with Studio Electronics to give us a completely original three oscillator synth. The SE-02 also contains real analogue circuitry, unlike that found in Roland’s earlier Boutique range.

Onboard you will find some fantastic features including; a built-in step sequencer, control voltage and gate inputs alongside trigger in and out, allowing you to connect the SE-02 to other analogue gear.

The second product announced today, the FA-07 Music Workstation is a 76 key version of Roland’s popular FA range (to go with the already released 61 & 88 key models.)


The FA-07 features a massive sound collection and an excellent selection of effects. The included 16 pads can be used in conjunction with the units onboard sampling feature with zero load time.

There is also an integrated sequencer known for its ease of use for the end user. Tracks can also be exported for use within your DAW.

Both products are now available to purchase on the GAK website:

Roland FA-07 76 Key Workstation

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer