NEW RELEASE: Novation Peak Polyphonic Synth

Novation Peak Polyphonic Synth

Novation brings polyphonic synthesis to the Desktop with their brand new eight-voice polyphonic synthesiser, the Novation Peak.  The synthesiser features three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice and delivers a faux-analogue sound thanks to the high-quality Numerically-Controlled Oscillators. You can, however, go digital thanks to the 17 digital wavetables.


Each voice can be affected by the Peak’s on board analogue filter and distortion, which can be added pre-filter or post-filter via the unit’s analogue signal chain. Effects wise there are Reverb, delay and chorus as well as an onboard arpeggiator.


The units modulation system is particularly impressive offering up a 16 slot modulation matrix and 16 direct assignments, with an emphasis on patch design and sound editing. Each voice gets three ADSR envelopes and two LFO’s.  

If you’re looking to use the Peak for live performance, two animate buttons give you instant one-touch transformation of patches.

There’s a CV modulation input on the back of the Peak, which can be used to connect to modular systems and other MIDI gear can also be connected to the unit. When plugged into a Mac or PC via USB, unlimited patches can be managed using Novation’s Components software.

An optional die-cast aluminium stand can also be purchased separately to provide the perfect Desktop set up.


Head over to for more info on the Novation Peak.