NAMM NEWS 2017: Orange Rocker 15

NAMM NEWS 2017: Orange proudly announce an absolutely cracking new pair of amplifiers. Introducing the return of Rocker series, this time in the form of the Rocker 15 combo and Rocker 32 combo.

Orange Rocker 15

Orange Rocker 15

The Rocker 15 marks the long awaited return of Orange’s legendary Rocker series to the market, but this amp is far from a reissue, Orange have instead forged one of their most popular amplifiers into the perfect modern amp for all occasions.

Featuring an FX Loop, and the same two channel set up as the original Rocker 30 series, the 15 is an incredibly versatile combo. The clean headroom of the natural channel far surpasses it’s humble wattage rating, whilst the dirty channel offers all the British grit that has made Orange one of the most popular amp brands in the world.

However, the most impressive feature of the new Rocker 15 is it’s remarkable attenuation options. With an output control that switches between half a watt, 1 watt, 7 watts, and the full 15 watts, the Rocker 15 sounds just as brilliant at home, in your bedroom, in a recording studio, or full throttle on a stage.

Technical Director, Ade Emsley commented on the range:

My main reason behind the design of the Rocker 15 was partly down to the fact that guitar players were still asking me to bring back the discontinued Rocker 30. I wanted to add a tube FX loop to the original front end and at the same time, make a smaller version.

I was also under pressure to make a 1 Watt tube amp so there is a bedroom/headroom switch on the Rocker 15. This not only takes care of the above request, but also means that we are not following what other amp companies have already done.

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