Ormsby Guitars Now At GAK

We are extremely excited to announce that we will now be stocking Ormsby Guitars at GAK.

Ormsby Guitars - scalloped frets

One of the most unique brands to arrive in the last decade; Ormsby Guitars throw all conventions out of the window in pursuit of a new definition of the ultimate guitar. Specialising in fanned fret and extended range, the Ormsby brand have a wholly original method of batch production. Each series of guitars is the result of community voted specifications, and are produced and released in numbered batches. So every guitar is part of a very short one-off run, and thus incredibly unique.

Starting life as a custom shop, and now being manufactured out of Korea’s famous World Music factory, Ormsby Guitars offer a marriage of affordability and features seen virtually nowhere else in the guitar community.

With a substantial selection of Ormsby Guitars finest models arriving in the UK in the next week, this is the time to check out their incredible range and make sure you don’t miss out.