Our top 5 from Gretsch!

Looking for that great Gretsch sound? At GAK we’ve specially curated a selection of Gretsch snare drums to ensure that we’ve got you covered no matter what sound you’re after. 


Need an absolute balls-to-the-wall, no holds barred rock snare? Look no further than the Gretsch USA Bronze 14×6.5″. With it’s die-cast hoops, 42-strand snare wires, and 1mm thick shell, this drum delivers a full bodied, throaty sound, with enough attack to be heard through any wall of guitars.


If you want plenty of crack, and nuance for playing funk, the Brooklyn 14×5.5″ in Cream Oyster is the one for you. The shallower depth will give you all the articulation you need for ghost notes, while the Gretsch 302 hoops help give it a clear and crisp backbeat.


If you need a go-to snare that can cover any gig, or musical scenario with ease? The Gretsch Silver Series maple 14×6.5″ is an absolute workhorse. Pop, funk, jazz, rock, this snare does it all. The die-cast hoops give it plenty of focus, while the maple shell lends a lot of warmth to the tone, making this a safe choice for any genre.


Playing heavy music? The Gretsch Full Range Hammered Brass 14×6.5″ delivers all the rich tones of brass, while the hammered shell really dries out the sound, and reduces the overtones. Coupled with the focused sound from the die-cast hoops, this drum delivers an incredibly powerful backbeat.


If you’re after a huge, fat sound, full of depth, check out the Gretsch Swamp Dawg. At 14×8″ in size, this snare will give a booming, thunderous back beat, perfect for ballads and blues. The 42-strand snare wire just serves to fatten up the sound even more!

All of these snares are available for demo in our new, drums vault. Pop into the Brighton store, or call 01273 665414 if you have any more questions!