NAMM NEWS 2017: Paiste Cymbals New Product Releases

Paiste has announced the release of three brand new products for Winter Namm 2017. The Nick Mcbrain Treasures, Colour Sound 900 & PST X DJs.

Paiste Nicko McBrain ‘Treasures’

paiste treasure

Since joining Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain has become one of the most admired and influential drummers in modern times. Recent tours of the British top metal band are breaking all records, including the current The Book of Souls world tour, which features a unique cymbal set crafted for Nicko by Paiste.

Inspired by the Mayan theme of the tour stage set, Paiste and Nicko collaborated to create special silk screens for the cymbals. Elements of the artwork include the sun god Tonatiuh, and the date January 9, 1983 written in Mayan calendar glyphs, the day of Nicko’s very first session with Iron Maiden. The Paiste logos are rendered in Iron Maiden script.

The cymbal set consists of the Signature Reflector models 14″ Heavy Hi-Hat, 15″, 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″ & 22″ Heavy Full Crashes, 22″ Bell Ride, 22″ Heavy China, a Signature 20″ Fast Medium, a RUDE 17″ Crash/Ride and a Formula 602 13″ Heavy Bell.

Colour Sound 900 – New Dimensions for Visual Expression

Paiste first pioneered colour coated cymbals with COLORSOUND 5 in 1984 as a means for artistic expression during the time period when popular music became visual in television music videos. In the 1990s, VISIONS made an appearance, and in recent years certain Artist Inspiration models feature colour coating – Stewart Copeland’s Blue Bell Ride, Aquiles Priester’s Giga Bell Ride and Danny Carey’s Dry Heavy Ride. Throughout, the Color Sound finish was available for custom orders, including cymbals featured by international top artists Joey Jordison, Tico Torres and Paul Bostaph. With Color Sound 900 Paiste launches the latest incarnation in the colour cymbal story.

Extensive research and design efforts have resulted in the most stunningly beautiful finishes: luminous translucent colours preserve the natural appearance of grooves and hammer marks and present a vibrantly radiant appearance. Notably, decades of experience have proven the Color Sound finish to be exceedingly tough and durable – the finish will not ever crack, chip or peel.

Models; – Crash Cymbals; 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″ in Medium and Heavy. – Ride Cymbals; 20″ and 22“ in Medium and Heavy, plus a Heavy 24” Mega Ride. – Hi Hats; 14″ in Medium and Heavy, 14” Sound Edge in Medium, 15” in Heavy. – FX Cymbals; 10″ and 12″ Splashes, 14″, 16″ and 18″ Chinas .

PST X DJs 45 – Portable Hip-Ability

The PST X DJs 45 Set was created in collaboration with the soulful Daru Jones, whose church gospel roots led him to the status of being a sought-after drummer and producer/musical director in the hip-hop, soul and rock scene. Highly praised main stream associations include top acts such as Jack White and Jamie Lidell.

Always on the go, Daru desired a highly portable cymbal set for hip-hop sessions, DJ Jams, and other sit-ins that spontaneously present themselves, enabling him to preserve his personal sound in modern urban mobility. The concept was developed in the PST X series, which provides a suitable basis for the type of fast and dry sounds that perfectly fit the world of Hip-hop & Electronica percussion.

The 12″ DJs 45 Crash is a fast, explosive cymbal with dirty fizz for short, quick accents. 12″ DJs 45 Hats offer a distinct dry stick sound, an open closed sound with a muted trashy hiss and a chick that’s a stupendous dry clap. The DJs 45 12″ Ride’s dominant feature is the dry, full bell; it also offers a dry, bell-like ping and snappy edge accents.