Save £230 on PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI Control Surface!

The CS18AI Control Surface is an incredible, compact mixer from Presonus. It’s not only a great live mixer (for StudioLive’s RM16AI and RM32AI digital mixers,) it also offers hands-on control over Studio One.

The CS18AI can be connected to Studio One through your computer by either wired or wireless standard Ethernet. Features include; transport control, location markers, arming and disarming tracks for recording, customised automation and plug-in editing.


Connecting the control surface to StudioLive’s RM mixers gives you complete hardware control of up to 64-channels and all mixer features. It is also possible to set up a wireless network in combination with a Laptop/iPad/Tablet to give you complete control over all mixing features.

You can now save yourself £230 on the Presonus CS18AI when purchasing through our website (up until May 31st 2017.) In addition to this if you register the product before the 31st May they will upgrade the included software from the Studio One Artist, normally included, to the Studio One Professional software.